Maxima testsuite benchmarks

Here are some execution time benchmarks of Maxima computer algebra system.

Maxima 5.29.1 was compiled with various Lisp compilers: CLISP, ECL and SBCL. For each case function  run_testsuite(display_all = true, time=all); was used for comparison of execution speed of Maxima with these compilers.

Benchmarks were run on Funtoo runnning 3.7.5-pf kernel on i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz 4Gb RAM. The system was running single shell without X,networking, etc.  No unexpected errors (there are tests resulting in error on technical purpose) were found out of 9,519 tests with each compiler. I show the timing results under the cut.

CLISP 2.48 real time: 931.892 sec. run time: 926.103 sec.

ECL 12.12.1  real time : 501.087 sec. run time : 489.396 sec.

SBCL 1.0.55 real time: 190.881 sec. run time: 188.490 sec.

SBCL 1.1.5 real time: 171.521 sec. run time: 169.323 sec.

Latest version of SBCL seem to be 5 times faster than CLisp and almost 3 times than ECL. There is also a small speed boost of 10% for latest SBCL vs. older one.

Almost 2 years ago I made similar benchmarks ( see forum post on, in Russian). According to those benchmarks SBCL  was the fastest one, however, it failed 1 test from 8,720; while ECL completely hung and failed the test.

It looks like that during last 2 years Maxima team worked a lot on supporting different CL  implementations, while SBCL guys kept their implementation speed.


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